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What can we say about a standard text LCD? Nothing else then for 90% of your project you usually begin with this LCD. With those friendly functions you will be able to begin your projects without loosing time writing code for the LCD.

Functions Features

void LCDInit(ushort x,ushort y);
void LCDOff(void);
void LCDClrSCR(void);
void LCDGotoXY(ushort,ushort);
ushort LCDWhereX(void);
ushort LCDWhereY(void);
void LCDWriteString(char *);
void LCDWriteConstString(const char *);
void LCDWriteChar(char);
void LCDWriteData(ushort,ushort);
ushort LCDReadData(ushort rs);
void LCDCreateCHR(ushort chnumber, char *ptr);
void LCDWait(void);
void LCDDelay50us(int Delay);
void LCDTextAttr(ushort attribute);
void LCDContrast(ushort Cont);


Source Code

2 Comments to “Text LCD Library”

  • Alain November 15, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Thank you for posting this code. Do any of these functions work? On which CPU? Which compiler did you use ?

    Je lis francais.

    For which LCD did you develop these functions?


  • admin November 16, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Yes they work, with AVR CPU and ICCAVR from it work for 1 to 4 line LCD with 16, 20, 40 char long

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