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Yes you will say another Laser Driver, but take time to check all the features of this one,  I had look and I had build a lot of those and each one had some poor result.

   First I had take time to see what is need and what is the features I want so the list goes like this:


  • Analog / Digital control from 0 to 5V
  • No load on the input signal
  • Over input voltage protection
  • Open input turn the power off
  • Very exact setting of the min power and max power
  • In circuit one turn potentiometer to make your adjustment of high & low power
  • No surge or high frequancy over current
  • Can drive upto 5amp Laser

    Ok, how to setup this driver.  First DON'T connect your Laser, Turn all the pot at the minimum value , short the Laser output with a simple wire, place the jumper on the board to test, Connect your voltmeter to the 2 pin connector (current read). Power your board you should not read +/- nothing turn your min pot slowly as you want to reach your minimum laser current. Turn the test pot to the max, you will see no change, turn your max pot slowly to reach your maximum laser current.  Now turn the test pot from min to max and check if the output change like you want. Now power off your board connect your laser and upla power on the board,  You will see it's work like a dream.  I had use laser upto 1W at 1Amp with fast switching and it's just fine there is no current surge.




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