About MicroSyl

This site is dedicated to microcontroller fans in order to share and exchange many knowledge acquired from many years of hard work.  From the old days of the 6809 until today many things have changed positively: devices have now everything you need all inside Ram, Rom, I/O, Serial Port and in many more internals features.  I think the biggest evolution is the flash memory and the “In Circuit Programmable” devices, no more UV Lamp EPROM programmer!

My story is simple since I was 6 years old, I have been doing electronics. My father was in electronic too and he shared his knowledge with me.  I purchased my first computer (TI-99/4A) when I was 10 years old and I began to write code in “basic”.  After this period I wanted to learn how the CPU worked.  At 16 years old, I began to work with Motorola 6809, over time I went from M68HC11, M68HC12, and finally to Atmel AVR family! AVR family range from 8 pins to 64 pins processors. If you don’t know which MCU to use to make your project, you can find in this family the device you need.

I hope this site will help you to learn new things and find cool projects to do.

I’m always open to receive your comments!

Please note

All my source codes were taken from my personal projects.

Everything is for your information only. The C/C++ codes have been written
with ICCAVR. You can find the header and source CRT files by downloading their compiler.

All is for your information and everything is AS IS without any warranty of any kind. No other files are available and I don't make any modification for any body.



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