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Vintage Audio Spectrum Display

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After doing some project with vintage tube I got the idea of doing a audio spectrum display with "magic eyes tube". and drive those with a AVR MCU with Fast Fourier Transform

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Digital Room to Room Intercom

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This project was inspired by my girlfriend, who asked me to build an intercom for our house. There are many ways to build an intercom; an example is batteries in series with 2 telephones, a key switch and an amplifier. I felt this was far too simple. I decided to build an intercom with an MCU which digitalizes a voice and then sends it serially and then regenerates the analog signal.

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Door Bell

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The door bell seems like a simple project but it's not! There is one major difficulty it's to generate a sine wave via Pulse Width Modulation.
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MP3 Player

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I decided to do this project for several reasons: first I like music, second I have a huge collection of MP3, and third I wanted to be able to play them anytime in my living room.  I began the project with one major restriction, the printed circuit board of MP3 player MUST be single side in order to do it myself.  After 2 months of drawing, I realized this project was in fact ‘feasible’! One major characteristic of this player was the bi-directional remote control. I had to give several information, folders and songs on a small graphic LCD. 

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Please note

All my source codes were taken from my personal projects.

Everything is for your information only. The C/C++ codes have been written
with ICCAVR. You can find the header and source CRT files by downloading their compiler.

All is for your information and everything is AS IS without any warranty of any kind. No other files are available and I don't make any modification for any body.



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