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Who I am

About me:

I am your host, Sylvain Bissonnette. I am French Canadian (Québécois) and live in Boucherville, QC.

My passion for electronics systems started when I was 8 years. My dad also worked in electronics and he's been my mentor.

What I like the most in electronic is working with MCU and developing embedded and Windows software for my systems.

Currently, I am working for Hydro-Québec (the Electric Company). I am part of a dynamic team working in research and development.

My main duties consist in designing and developing device drivers for various projects.

I love my work and have been doing it for more than 20 years.

My other activities are: Scuba diving, underwater photography, travel, wood working and of course, drinking beer!


Sylvain Bissonnette

Please note

All my source codes were taken from my personal projects.

Everything is for your information only. The C/C++ codes have been written
with ICCAVR. You can find the header and source CRT files by downloading their compiler.

All is for your information and everything is AS IS without any warranty of any kind. No other files are available and I don't make any modification for any body.



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