Electronics projects

Since 1992 MicroSyl provide interresting electronic projets to his readers.

Here’s the list of all my electronic project:

BarCode Reader

MP3 Player



Propeller Clock

Freq Meter


OneWire Lib

Text LCD Lib

Graph LCD Lib

Nokia LCD Lib

LedSign w/MMC


Wind Sonic

Frequency Generator

Something Like a Blog

Net Dimmer

Digital Temp/Humidity/Barometer

DCC Train Controler

DCC Accessory

Weather Station

Bench Power Supply 0-25v @ 0-5amp

Code Debugger

Ampere Meter

Water Detector

Very high gain microphone with dish

Mood Light Kitchen LED Lightning

Mood Lamp

Laser Projector

LC Meter

Scope Clock

Nixie Clock

Laser Projector 2

Please note

All my source codes were taken from my personal projects.

Everything is for your information only. The C/C++ codes have been written
with ICCAVR. You can find the header and source CRT files by downloading their compiler.

All is for your information and everything is AS IS without any warranty of any kind. No other files are available and I don't make any modification for any body.



Electronic Links


AGC Anemometer AVR AVR Bootloader Bootloader Capacitence Capacitor Clock Color Control DCC Debugger Devices Digital driver Function Generator High Gain Microphone Humidity Inductance Inductor Laser LCD LED 3W Library Lightning Detector MegaLoad Meter Moodlight Mood Light MS5534 Nixie OscilloScope projector Rain Fall Sensor rgb RGB LED Scop Sensor SHT75 Temperature Terminal Tipping Bucket Train Modeling Vintage Water Detector