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Inductor & Capacitor Meter (LCMeter)


    Here is my new inductance & capacitance meter. I had took the analog oscillator part from a well know schematic found on the internet and adapt it for a AVR.  It's impressive to have a very accurate result with a so small circuit.  The way it's work is simple you chance a oscillator frequency with the part you want to find is value.

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Frequancy Meter


Here is my new Frequency meter who was done with a LCD's cellular phone!!!  This is a simple project. The Frequency is passing  through an op-amp to convert it in a square wave. The ouput of the op-amp is feeding the 3*8 bits counter (24 bits) who can accumulate at a maximum of 16777216 count. 

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Please note

All my source codes were taken from my personal projects.

Everything is for your information only. The C/C++ codes have been written
with ICCAVR. You can find the header and source CRT files by downloading their compiler.

All is for your information and everything is AS IS without any warranty of any kind. No other files are available and I don't make any modification for any body.



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